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Birth Choices


Birth and Beyond advocates for woman-centred care, recognising that every birth is unique and every familiy has the right to choose where and how they give birth.

There are different Birth Choices in Alice Springs depending on your needs:


Midwifery Group Practice

The Midwifery Practice enables women to be cared for by an MGP midwife throughout their pregnancy, during birth and in the early weeks at home. Midwifery care focuses on the individual needs of each woman and their family and allows the woman and her family to establish trust and rapport with a small team of midwives. Home visits can be arranged during the pregnancy, in labour and after the birth. Women can choose to birth at home ( see below) or in the hospital.

Contact MGP on 8951 7067 and ask to speak to an MGP midwife.


Home Birth

Alice Springs is fortunate to have Home Birth available through the public health system, where it is free of charge and fully integrated with the Midwifery Group Practice for those women who are considered low risk. Many parents in Alice Springs have had their baby born in their own home, and enjoyed the continuity of care this service provides. This means you have the a small team of midwives for all your care, before, during and after birth. Women consistently respond and enjoy the whole process more when they have formed a strong relationship with their carer. Should complications arise in the pregnancy or birth you will be referred to specialist care at the Alice Springs Hospital, and your MGP midwife will accompany you. Some reasons that families choose home birth are:

  • Pregnancy and birth are seen as a normal and healthy process rather than a medical condition.
  • Birth is a family centred event.
  • Having the security and comfort of a familiar environment.
  • Being able to labour without drugs and to explore ways of handling pain that will not interfere with the progress of the birth.
  • Continuity of care by the same midwife throughout pregnancy, birth and the early post-natal weeks.

Talk to the MGP midwives for more information


Alice Springs Hospital

Antenatal care is provided for women in the Maternity Unit, first floor of the hospital. You can book an appointment yourself of be referred by your doctor. Doctors, midwives or a combination of both can provide antenatal care. 

ASH is a training institution so there may be times when you will be asked to consider having a supervised medical/midwifery student involved with your care. Clinics are staffed by the person rostered for the day which may change from visit to visit.

Initial Visit

The first appointment to the hospital may take up to an hour. Your medical history and general wellbeing will be documented. Information regarding birthing choices and screening tests in pregnancy will be discussed. 

Consultant/Doctors Clinic

The specialist obstetrician/doctor provides care for women who have health problems or complicated pregnancies. Referral is required from your GP to see a specialist obstetrician. 

Midwives Clinic

Each clinic session is allocated two midwives. It is your choice to stay with the same clinic day or meet the other midwives on their clinic day. Midwives are educated to care for healthy women with healthy pregnancies. We promote pregnancy, birth and parenthood as normal life events.

Shared Care

Women may need or choose combined care between various caregivers such as remote communities/doctors or midwives/doctors.

Domiciliary Service

Midwifery support may be provided for about 5 days after the birth. The midwife will visit in your home daily if you are discharged from the hospital early. 

Cost: Nil
Contact Number: 8951 7620 or 8951 7621
To make an appointment for all antenatal clinics
Address: Gap Road, Alice Springs

Congress Alukura

Congress Alukura is a womens only health service that provides womens health and maternity care to Aboriginal women. Midwives, GPs and the visiting Obstetrician provide care, all practitioners at Alukura are female. Care is also provided for babies up to 8 weeks. 

The Birth Centre at Alukura may be available to women who have normal pregnancies. Transport to and from Alukura can be provided and all services are free. 

For appointments and further information Contact Number: 8953 2727 Address: Percy Court, Alice Springs


Specialist Obstetrician and Midwife

Unfortunately there is not a private obstetrician currently working in Alice Springs


General Medical Practitioners (GP)

Some GPs may care for women who are healthy and having normal pregnancies. 

Bath Street Family Medical Centre: 8952 2000

Central Clinic: 8952 1088

Mall Medical Clinic: 8952 2744

Fees: All clinics charge a fee, which is partly refunded by Medicare.