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Antenatal Workshops


Our antenatal workshops are an interactive series of complimentary sessions which explore the emotional and practical aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting. They can be completed as a whole set or as individual sessions.

The workshops promote informed choice, encouraging partner attendance and participation and recognising that every pregnancy and birth is unique. 

Educators facilitate a lively experience in an informal and friendly setting which helps participants for their parenting journey ahead. Ask questions, get informed and feel confident.

 ‘Active Birth'

In a small group, find out more about what to expect in labour and how to prepare. Discover positions that will encourage progress in labour, help reduce pain and give you the best chance to have a natural birth. Practice ways that your partner can encourage and support you to be more comfortable, get acquainted with a hospital maternity suite and have the opportunity to ask lots of questions- with midwife Heidi Crisp, Alice Springs Hospital Cost: $60 members ($110 with membership)

‘Soul Mothers' with Suzanne Bryce

'Soul Mothers' is a guided session for women to share insights and experiences of pregnancy and prepare for birth. How is it progressing? What is your birthing vision? What are your needs? How do you fulfil them?  Birth is a transformative experience and this workshop explores who we are as women and who we are becoming, as we move forward on this life-changing journey. Cost: $60 members ($110 with membership)

'Birth As Transformation' with Suzanne Bryce

The experience of pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage that challenges us to enquire deeply into who we are and who we are becoming. It is a journey of transformation. This session is an opportunity to work with your partner or close friend and investigate what parts of this journey are shared and what parts may be solo and require you to rely on your own resources. Together you will explore the kinds of support and preparation required for this ancient initiation into motherhood.

Who and what guides you?

Where do you place your trust?

Where are the doorways for you? 

What is challenging you? 

How do you manage the challenges?

How do you feel about yourself?

How is it for your partner? For your other children, if you have others?

What family stories are arising for you? 

Do you know about your own birth and family birthing history?

Your partner’s birth story is important too.

Where is your mother in this experience?

We can explore these and any other such questions.

Exploration is well supported in a small group. There will be some exercises you do alone, some with your partner or a friend who comes with you, and others in the bigger group. It involves keeping strict confidentiality with each other and this will be negotiated at the time. 

Cost: $60 members ($110 with membership)

Suzanne Bryce has been a doula over many years.  She trained with Shivam Rachana and the International College of Spiritual Midwifery throughout the 1990’s and has seen much transformation in herself and others over a long time.  She likes to hear people tell their stories and can assist to use a story, not as an end in itself but as a vehicle for greater understanding and self-knowledge.

For bookings, dates (see events calender) or more information contact Birth and Beyond – 8953 7928.