Parent Resource Centre



Birth is a powerful, life changing and transformative experience in a womens life.

Being informed and making the right decisions can influence your experience of birth and the outcomes for you and your baby. At Birth and Beyond we provide resources, support and workshops which promote 'Confidence through Informed Choice'; encouraging all expecting families to seek out information about birth choices, woman-centred care and women and babies rights. 

Every woman has the right to birth in a supported environment, with choices and caregivers who trust her ability to give birth naturally and in the way she feels is right. Birth and Beyond advocates for Alice Springs women, families and babies, promoting evidence-based, safe and supported, woman-centred care.


Birth and Beyond has library resources which cover birth choices, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

We offer:

  • Antenatal Workshops for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting 

  • The 'Why and How of Breastfeeding' Workshops

  • plus more information sessions, morning teas, social gatherings and special events.